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This article explains about cloud computing, cloud testing and how to perform it along with the major challenges involved while testing in the cloud.
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Whether you are developing or consuming services from public, private or hybrid cloud models, Swank Innovations delivers full-cycle cloud solutions comprising of all requisite elements. Our solutions enable organizations to connect and collaborate within and beyond cloud models to the end consumer. We render cloud services that deliver elevated user-experience, context-aware security, consumer-centric collaboration and efficient and dynamic cloud infrastructure.

Using tools and resources rendered by Swank Innovations , enterprises can build individual cloud that reduces operational costs and enhances productivity. Our cloud services render numerous benefits that are not leveraged by other business solutions. Some of the benefits of our cloud services are enlisted below.

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We help you recognize, analyze and manage the deployment of Cloud, which further helps you disrupt new business models and transform the customer experience.


We help you swiftly migrate to the cloud and grow up in a factory-based model, which aligns it with your business needs ensuring efficiency and flexibility.

Next Generation Platforms

The industry-specific business platforms that we develop boost productivity, inclusivity and innovation at workplace and of partners.