In Proof of Concept Service, we prepare schematics, design, and workflow for your website. or a mobile app idea. We deliver a demonstrable application with dummy data for the web or mobile, to present it to your prospects, your stakeholders and your investors. Small and medium enterprises love our proof of concept service because it brings their business idea to life quickly with a small fee once. In addition, fees paid for Proof Of Concept are adjusted when you sign up for Custom Web or Mobile App Development Services.



We document your needs in high-level documents, the study of system requirements (SRS). If you already have a detailed document,our business analyst can consult it to make sure you are sufficiently informed to get started.


We design the layout and navigation of the screens based on the understanding document created by our business analyst in step 1. The framework creation phase helps us to create the right experience for your customers.


We develop responsive HTML pages for your prototype that will cover the basic features / ideas of your web needs. This includes basic drawings, layout and manikin (relevant data). We will also host HTML pages on our transfer servers, saving money for hosting.


With a few iterations, implementing your feedback, the prototype is ready for demonstration to your potential customers, partners and investors. You have taken the first step to get your application on the market.



We develop responsive HTML pages for your prototype, which will cover the functionality / basic idea of ​​your web needs. This includes basic designs, layout and manikin (relevant data). We will also host HTML pages on our transfer servers, which will save you money on hosting.


We are developing functional screens for mobile applications for popular platforms such as Android and iOS (Apple). It will be delivered in an installable file for your phone and you will be able to demonstrate it to your potential customers, investors and other stakeholders anytime, anywhere